Monday, February 21, 2011

Entering into a new dimension

Putting my feet into a new dimension - Baking

I am putting my feet into this new dimension, hoping it would be a serious one for me. Actually, I have been searching for it many years ago especially when I was in Labuan. My interest in this new dimension began there. I love cooking, just because I enjoy seeing my family feasting over my handwater ( air tangan). Hahahahaaa....But not much actually I've learnt. However, when I moved back to my place, I took along with me a few recipes that meant alot to me. They were sentimental values. They brought beautiful thought of Labuan. A place I know people of beautiful hearts. Insya Allah...when time permits, I shall post a few of them here.

Cheese Cake

This cheese cake, I belajar dengan my neighbour. First time belajar, keras. Boleh baling ke dinding. Kata anak saya, lalatpun tak sanggup hinggap. Dahsyat komen dia. Tapi sekarang, saya dah boleh terima order.
My thanks to Tiajar.

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