Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Bottom Cupcakes on Monday Blues

What a lazy Monday or some call it Monday blues. I've got this Monday feeling sometimes. Especially when I have a hectic weekend. But it doesn't last long I do not need to be like them here.

By Mr. Google

So peeps...especially to working women, let's cheer up our Monday blues with some homemade cupcakes.'s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating your homemade cuppies.

Some friends want me to bake a combination of chocolate and cheese. And here what I've found.

Mine did not turn out  exactly like the ones in this video but it still turned out alright. Still taste fine and delicious. The bitter sweet and sour of chocolate and cream cheese is like harmony in my mouth.

I'm making these again this weekend. So let's see whether I can bake better than before. No harm trying again, right?

Credit to Joy of Baking.Com for sharing this tested recipe.

So see you next week, peeps.
Take care.

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