Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cocktail Jelly Balls

Salam Ramadhan to you, peeps.
It's been such a long time, I left blogging.

Whenever I posted something on the wall of my FB, some will ask for the it is high time to make my comeback.

Well due to some constraints I have, I'll make it short and precise, enough for the beginners to follow, especially during Ramadhan, which is normally hot and dry that makes almost everyone parched.

                     Cocktails Jelly Balls
                     Ingredients  A  
                     1 packet of Konyaku  jelly
                     1500ml plain water
                     Ingredients B
                     500ml  water
                     200gm sugar
                     1 tsp of lemon juice

                     Ingredients C
                     1/2 packet of jelly powder
                     1 litre of water
                     1 tin of cocktail

                      Instruction :

                     1. In a pan, put  Ingredients A, mixed  well and bring it to boil.
                     2. When the jelly is completely dissolved,  divide them to 3 or 4 and
                         add colours or flavour to them.
                    3. Pour them into your own desired moulds and put them in the fridge.
                    4. Next boil water and jelly powder, stir them well and cool it into container.
                        ( When it harden, scraped it with a fork)
                    5. In another pan, boil water and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.
                    6. Turn off the heat, add a tsp of lemon juice. Cool it in the fridge.

                     Serving :
                     In a tall glass or any container to your liking, put in some cocktails. Then add  
                     in 2 tbsp of scraped white jelly. Add in the balls of different colours 0r flavours. 
                     Continue doing so alternately. Lastly pour in an amount of lemon syrup onto it.

I was looking at a few moulds at a nearby baker shop recently for this dessert. I was about to pay for them when I saw those jelly balls moulds on the cashier counter. What a luck.

So enjoy peeps and Happy Iftar.

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