Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to the Family...Muhammad Harith Faqeh bin Mohd Shahadan

My youngest boy entered my room when I was fast asleep. After three rounds of brisk walking this evening and my night eyes were heavy; My body was exhausted as it had been working since morning. An early night and a good rest was all I needed.

There was a call from her sister and it was 12.45 p.m. Almost midnight.  My heartbeat began to accelerate. She was in the hospital and it was only 3cm. This morning she called me. Her water broke but she sounded as fit as a fiddle. Since this is her first baby, it would take  quite some times to see the world.

The sleepiness suddenly gone. I tried to sleep but couldn't. Kept on toss and turn. The thought of her going thru the pain without me was something I couldn't bear to imagine. Let me be with her even though we are miles away. Did my sholat hajat and kept on with my zikir, praying hard let Allah be with her. For all the nicest things she'd done when I was going thru the same thing with my youngest, I felt it was my turn to return her kindness. My precious 'doa' as her mother.

It was nearly 3.00 a.m. Waiting for the good any time now. She was already 9cm. Please dear Allah....let the pain be bearable and the period of labour be shortened. Pleaseeee.....

At last...the good news came. A baby boy was delivered at 3.15 a.m. Alhamdulillah. Granny will be driving up to KL to meet you there tomorrow. See you dear boy...

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